Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What we have a failure to communicate

Good day, everyone!

I apologize for the long drought in coverage of my life's events! I hope this message, albeit brief, will help suppress the masses clamoring for some form of contact from me.
And by masses, I simply just mean my mother of whom I suspect logs in to hit the refresh button 5 times a day to give me hope (it's working).

It does feel great to just sit and prattle on, though. It's a nice release of sorts.

I'm currently awaiting an ambush I've set for a client at work. I know they are here visiting with their therapist. They've been dodging my weekly meetings with them and I plan to bump into them afterwards. I could wait patiently, or I could subtly interrupt their session with a kindly reminder that I exist.
                                 LET'S TALK ABOUT OUR FEELINGS

Hmm. On second thought, that might not go so well.

I am pleased to have some...mandatory down time? You know, the period of time where you are scheduled to do something, but then that said something suddenly becomes axed for some reason or another and you find yourself with some extra-added-super-bonus time. Oh, it feels great.

Work (or, not work) aside, I did follow through on my last posting and I ventured out to buy a few random albums last week. I planned on an in-depth review of my selections, but I'm afraid that would take up an afternoon. I've only got so much extra-added-super-bonus time, peeps.

The albums I grabbed were Wilco's A Ghost is Born and A Skylit Drive's Identity on Fire. Wilco's appeal came from, you guessed it, a post from years ago by a member of Thrice that had mentioned it on their site. A Skylit Drive was compeltely was also on sale for $7.00. That might have influenced my 'random' selecting of it over other CDs that were peddling for $10 or more.

In short, the Wilco album had much more ear candy on it as opposed to the Drive's. If you enjoy easy-listening mixtures of light rock, country, with a few added electronics, Wilco's for you. I enjoy bands that can find grooves as they play, and Wilco is certainly one that can hit those moments well. They did happen to lose my attention on some of their longer songs (one being 10 minutes and another 15) with repetitive beats and a severe lack of movement until the 7-minute mark. But even then, there were parts of those marathons that made waiting for them worthwhile. There are probably some Wilco fans out there that will cringe at my synopsis, but I like to fancy them as falling somewhere between the Eagles and Weezer in the grand scheme of things.

As for Skylit Drive, they turned out to be an interesting option. Their CD featured some decent hooks during choruses and appealed to my love for intermixtures of screetching and harmonic vocals. The lyrics were, well, the lyrics caused me to laugh at times. Nothing spectacular there. But the fast pace of some of their highlighted songs made me want to listen to a few tracks over and over. My combination of bands for these fellers would be comprised of Coheed and Good Charlotte. A fine selection if you're late for your weekly "Twilight" book club meeting.

Oh good golly. How time flies. I'm not uber-proud of my first attempts at reviewing music, but I am happy to have slapped something together in such a limited amount of time. Huzzah!

Thanks for reading and be well!

Vonnegut - Sirens of Titan

Mostly Thrice.