Saturday, July 23, 2011



It was, yet again, another wonderful week of adventure out at camp!
My weary soul could not wait to get home, brush my teeth (soul's have teeth?), and begin to make a list of next week's preparations. I added the list for one main purpose, however, and that was so that I could have something to put off for another time in order to nap. Procrasto-naps are the BEST. You should all try one sometime. But not now. Do it later.

I received a warm welcome from my brother and friends and quickly set about catching up on recent news.
Then I picked up a magazine, laid on the couch, and, well, I don't remember what happened next.
It was heavenly.

During a mid-nap stretch, I rolled over to a nearby computer and squintily began to see what was going on in the world. Being in a forest all summer has somewhat limited my exposure to world events. For the most part, I've been OK with that. The hipster in me wants to begin a rant about how much "Daily News" is actually news, but I have something much, much more substantial to jabber about.


Thrice released a free download of a new track listed on their Major/Minor album due in September. There were also tour dates, a kind message of support, and lots of chatter from fans about how "epic" Thrice is.

How did I react to this information, you ask?

Well, it's now 2:30am and sleep seems far away. "Yellow Belly" is on repeat and I am in absolute euphoria.

I am thankful for moments like this.

Here's the link to Thrice on PureVolume if you'd like to check it out. Lyrics are linked through Lyrics make everything better.
No, Thrice makes everything better.

More to follow, I'm sure.


Speaker for the Dead - Orson Scott Card

I think you know.

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