Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hello, all!

Summer is fast approaching its midway point for me. Without any doubt, I can say that the past six weeks have been a true blessing. The counselor position came about so unexpectedly that I hardly had time to consider what I had gotten myself into before I found a dozen energetic hobbits all awaiting my leadership.
I attempted to jot down quick reminders of the moments where I had to step back to fully grasp what was occurring around me. There were brief periods of time where I was cognitively aware that in THAT exact moment something important was happening; however, I fear that as time marches onward, I am growing unable to accurately depict these almost euphoric surges of awareness.
Times such as when I found myself fully encompassed by night as friends dared a thunderstorm to safeguard a swimming tank from high winds. With only snapshots of light thundering over us, we navigated terrain in Frankenstein-esque motions towards our goal. It's a miracle that we all made it back safely to shelter without anyone from our adventure team getting fried.
Or the times where I found myself completely surrounded by the stillness and beauty of nature.
Or the jubilation of watching groups of once-strangers bond, grow, and take care of one another.
As I look back at some of my older posts, I feel slightly ridiculous. I originally started this page in attempts to explore whether or not I could seriously write something that others might be interested in reading. Yes, being at the mercy of a renegade train is comical, but I am not overly proud of what I have written to date. I hope that once things settle down, I will be able to write some posts of substance.

There will still be fart jokes, mind you, but they will be substantial fart jokes.


The Bible
Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis

Sum 41, Bob Dylan, Zebrahead...it has been a beautiful evening.

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